​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CHDP Dental Training:  Fluoride Varnish

This training is designed for local CHDP Program staff to use when training CHDP providers and provider staff, or as a CHDP provider self-training module. The goal of the training is explained in the Introduction section below.  A PowerPoint (PPT) presentation, practical demonstration, and training materials are included to instruct CHDP providers in the skills needed to apply fluoride varnish on CHDP children. CHDP staff is encouraged to provide time for providers to practice fluoride varnish application at the end of the training.  This training includes most of the instructional materials; however, some of the demonstration and application practice supplies will need to be obtained locally. 


PowerPoint Presentation

Provider Tools

Local CHDP Program Training Documents (PRINTABLE)

Supplementary Training Modules 



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