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Medi-Cal and CHDP Regional Pediatric Obesity
"Train the Trainer" Workshops

 Pediatric Obesity: Provider Skill Sets for Improved Care

Thank-you for your participation.  Most of the trainings are complete however we do have a new training to offer.  Please see new training flyer below.  Please see below for training materials.

Learn more and train others about the important issue of pediatric obesity.  These interactive sessions are designed as “train the trainer” workshops for Medi-Cal providers, Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) providers, and training staff who want to gain additional skills on how to teach other providers and healthcare staff about pediatric obesity and how to work with the new HEDIS® pediatric obesity measures. These workshops will utilize the California Medical Association Foundation’s Child and Adolescent Obesity Provider Toolkit which is based upon the 2007 American Medical Association Expert Committee’s Recommendations related to childhood obesity.

Training Materials (all training materials are copyright-free):

 Training Agendas:

Who Should Attend:

Participants who are interested in becoming trainers may include: physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, other nursing staff, health educators, registered dietitians, and quality improvement staff. 

Continuing Education Credits;

Continuing education credits will be provided.  Please check with the contact person listed below for details. Registration is limited so please see the schedules and contacts below for details and costs.

This event is sponsored by the California Department of Health Care Services and the California Medical Association Foundation.

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