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Agent Newsletter Library

Spring 2010

The Partnership will sponsor two agent seminars. New consumer brochure "Are You ready?", Interactive website for agents, updated "Picturing Every Step" DVD. The Partnership has a page on Facebook. Become a friend of the Partnership on Facebook.

Winter-Spring 2009

Introducing the NEW California Partnership for Long-Term Care logo.

Winter 2007-2008
"Own Your Future" campaign, IRS ltci premium deductibles 2007 and 2008, Partnership awards, "Taking Care of Tomorrow"

 Fall-Winter 2007
Direct mail campaign and Partnership Public Awareness Campaigns

Winter-Spring 2006
National Partnership program, MetLife, Agent Seminars, Medicaid role in LTC and more.

Special Edition 2005
Contents:  Summary of the 2005 Agent Seminars, New LTC legislation and more.

Spring 2005
Contents:  Medicaid for Millionaires, New Director Message, Sales Information, and much more.

Summer 2004
Contents:  Partnership is Permanent, Why Care Management, Director Message, Suitability, Sales Information, and more.

Spring 2004
Contents: SAIF Seniors Against Insurance Fraud, Use of Partnership Logo, Keeping Your Home While on Medi-Cal, Legislation Updates and more.

Summer 2003
Contents: Sales Updates, A new feature called "The Podium', Agent Seminar follow-up, Medi-Cal Q&A, sales techniques, informal care givers, and much more.

Winter 2002-03
Contents: Exchange letter update, Agent Seminars, Comprehensive Brochure, Medi-Cal Eligibility, print advertisements, purchaser survey, and much more.
Note: This version of the Partnership News lists the wrong e-mail address to add your e-mail address to our database, as a result of the transposing of the letters l and t. The correct e-mail address to use is 

Summer 2002
Contents: New Partnership marketing material, Medi-Cal questions and answers, Medi-Cal Asset Protection, website resources, consumer long-term care summit, Partnership and insurer contacts, and much more.

Winter 2002
Contents: Asset Protection case, Sales update and profile of buyers, Care Management advisory group, Partnership spokespersons, elimination period, Medi-Cal questions and answers, new policies on the market, agents and testimonials sought, successful sales strategies, top producers, Partnership and insurer contacts, in brief, and much more.

Summer 2001
Contents:  SB 870 polices, sales updates, new CPLTC Staff, real life experience, CE information, tax qualified limits, clip out art work, top produces, and much more.

Winter 2001
Contents: Care management, sales update and profile of buyer, Medi-Cal's long-term care coverage, Continuing Education information, L&C keeping consumers safe, Medi-Cal eligibility and estate recovery, the long-term care continuum, in brief, CPLTC staff, and much more.

Winter 2000
Contents:  LTC study, importance of monthly home care benefit, sales update, Home care aide organizations, cost of Alzheimer's caregiving, terms to know, upcoming seminars, and much more.

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