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A Word From The Director

"Nearly half of people over age 65 will have at least one stay in a nursing home."
Source: New England Journal of Medicine (Feb. 28, 1991)

Thank you for visiting the California Partnership for Long-Term Care website.  We've created this website to provide you with an overview of the Partnership program and to answer your most frequently asked questions.

The State of California and the California Partnership do not sell long-term care insurance policies. However, we've included a page that lists the private insurance companies that are approved to sell Partnership policies in California.  If you don't have long-term care insurance for yourself, your spouse or your loved ones, we urge you to meet with a qualified agent who can more completely describe the Partnership-approved policies and discuss which policy could best meet your needs.  

Only a Partnership approved policy can help pay for the care you may need and provide you with lifetime asset protection, so that even if you use all your policy benefits and need to apply for Medi-Cal benefits, you will not be forced to spend everything you have worked for on long-term care.

A Partnership policy truly provides the independence you want...just when you'll need it the most.

Brenda Bufford, Program Director
California Partnership for Long-Term Care

Last modified on: 1/31/2008 11:18 AM