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Purchaser Survey

Part of the mission of the California Partnership for Long-Term Care is to promote the development of quality and affordable long-term care insurance policies for modest and middle income Californians.  Only a Partnership approved policy can help pay for the care you may need and provide you with lifetime asset protection, so that even if you use all your policy benefits and need to apply for Medi-Cal benefits, you will not be forced to spend everything you have worked for on long-term care.

The Program's target market is modest and middle income Californians. For this reason, we need to be able to tell if our Partner insurance companies and agents are in fact focusing their efforts on this target market. To achieve this end, the Partnership developed a survey to collect information from recent Partnership policy purchasers that would help us determine if in fact this target market is being reached. The California Partnership for Long-Term Care (CPLTC)  began conducting this survey in the 1st  quarter of 2003. This survey consists of a 50% random sample of Californians who purchased a Partnership policy as reported, on a calendar quarter basis, to the CPLTC by Partner insurance companies. All efforts are made to make the survey anonymous.  The findings are reported on an aggregate basis only. The survey is purely voluntary and you do not have to respond. Again, its purpose is to help us evaluate the program's effectiveness.

For your information, click here to see a copy of the survey and the cover letter.

Last modified on: 7/10/2008 9:38 AM