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Deficit Reduction Act (DRA)  2005  

In September 2008, California Senate Bill 483 (Chapter 379, Statutes of 2007-2008), was signed by the Governor to implement 2006 changes to federal law. Those federal changes limit the amount of equity individuals can have in their principal residence and receive medical assistance for home and facility care services under the Medi-Cal program.  In SB 483, California exercised its option to increase the equity limit from the federal minimum of $500,000 to $750,000.  SB 483 goes even further by providing complete protection from the equity limit to Partnership policyholders who use benefits under their policies.  These new requirements will only be applicable after regulations have been adopted to implement SB 483.  The Department of Health Care Services is in the process of preparing regulations as required by SB 483.

 For anyone interested in reading and learning more about the proposed changes to Medi-Cal and the expansion of the Partnership program beyond the original four states that were included in the DRA 2005, your can read a PDF version of the bill by clicking here.    (Note:  This is a large file and make take a few moments to load.)

If you would like to review a copy of the material that was presented during the May 2006 Agent Training Seminar on this topic, click here.

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