Read Before Enrolling in HCBS Waiver and Program Services

Apply for Medi-Cal

You must apply for Medi-Cal in order to receive HCBS waiver and program services.
You may apply for Medi-Cal before or after you have requested HCBS waiver and program services.
On your Medi-Cal application you must indicated that you need long term care services and support.
More information on how to apply please go to Ways to Apply for Medi-Cal.

Special Medi-Cal Eligibility Rules

If you are currently on a waiting list for the HCBS waiver or program, special Medi-Cal eligibility rules may apply to you if you are:
  • Married or in a registered domestic partnership and
  • Meet the medical requirement as verified by your doctor's verification form. 
More information regarding these special rules can be found on the Spousal Impoverishment flyer.
More questions? Refer to your local county office.
Last modified date: 11/5/2019 12:01 PM