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Welcome to the DHCS Consumer-Focused Stakeholder Workgroup (CFSW) webpage. The purpose of the CFSW is to provide stakeholders an opportunity to review and provide feedback on a variety of consumer messaging materials. The forum focuses on eligibility and enrollment related activities and strives to offer an open discussion on Medi-Cal policies and functionality. 

CFSW participants are advocates from the consumer protection community, representatives of provider associations and experts in the health care field. To learn more, please contact DHCSCFSW@dhcs.ca.gov.

For past meeting agendas, action items, or other materials please visit out CFSW meeting archive page.

Please submit any HPE inquiries to the DHCSHospitalPE@dhcs.ca.gov. DHCS also has an existing HPE email box that is on the DHCS HPE webpage.​

Submitting Medi-Cal Beneficiaries Cases for Research and Resolution

For advocates that need specific problem cases researched and resolved, please submit inquiries to the Medi-Cal Now Inbox at Medi-CalNow@dhcs.ca.gov.  Due to Federal and State privacy laws, DHCS cannot share the outcomes of these cases at the CFSW meetings.

DHCS Ad Hoc Data Request Process​

​Ad hoc data requests can be submitted through either the DHCS Public Records Portal​ or by sending written requests to:
Department of Health Care Services
Legal Services
ATTN: PRA Request
PO Box 997413, MS 0012
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413
For additional information about the PRA process, please refer to the DHCS PRA website.​

September 04​, 2020 CFSW Meeting Materials

You are invited to the Medi-Cal Consumer Focused Stakeholder Workgroup

Conference Call: (866) 746-9446
Passcode: 9166982​

CFSW Resources

  1. ABx1-1 Data and Reports
  2. Covered CA to Medi-Cal Transition
    1. Medi-Cal to Covered CA Transition Flow - 05/01/2015 (Text Only Version)
  3. DHCS ACWDL Quarterly Reports
    1. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 08/26/2020​
    2. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 04/28/2020​
    3. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 10/29/2019​
    4. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 07/11/2019
    5. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 03/01/2019​​
    6. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 09/28/2018
    7. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 07/05/2018
    8. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 04/25/2018
    9. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 01/05/2018
    10. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 10/12/2017
    11. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 07/03/2017
    12. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 04/25/2017
    13. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 12/30/2016
    14. DHCS ACWDL Status Report - 10/20/2016​​
  4. ​​​​Low Income Health Program (LIHP)
  5. Medi-Cal Applications & Renewals
    1. Medi-Cal Renewals by County
    2. Total Individuals On Applications Pending 45 Days
  6. Single Streamlined Application
    1. Stakeholder Comments Log - Single Streamlined Application - 02/20/2015
    2. AB1296 Single Streamlined Application presentation - 02/20/2015
    3. DRAFT - Single Streamlined Application - 12/18/2014
  7. SOCRATA Reports
  8. Medi-Cal and CalFresh Enrollment
    1. ​​​​Medi-Cal and CalFresh Enrollment Data​​​
  9. ​California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal​ (CalAIM)
    1. CalAIM Proposal Overview​

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