Emergency Preparedness - Workshops

There has been a series of workshops since 2005. Topics covered included:

  • Emergency Operations Plan Development
  • Collaboration and Partnership Development
  • Building Surge Capacity for Emergencies
  • Continuity of Operations and Risk Communications


Visit the Emergency Preparedness Resources for Native Americans web site to view all workshop materials and power point presentations.

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program Training Workshops (Not DHCS)

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) training is a valuable resource for Indian Health Clinics and tribes. In order to receive FEMA reimbursement after a disaster or emergency, clinics are required to have HSEEP compliant exercises. It can be difficult to navigate through the complexity of HSEEP and to become familiar with existing, valuable resources. HSEEP workshops provide a strong foundation in working principles, as well as training on where the resources are located and how to use them.

Terrorism Preparedness Workshops (Not DHCS)

Indian Health Services consultants developed a curriculum to provide biological, chemical, and nuclear terrorism preparedness training for Indian Health Clinics. A tabletop exercise was developed with Power Point presentations. More resources include a self-guided tutorial, interactive tutorials, and annual workshops. Materials are available online for viewing or download.




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