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Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs

The Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs (LGA) facilitates, coordinates, and advocates for the development and enactment of legislation in the interest of public health. As a key player in carrying out the Department of Health Care Services' mission to preserve and improve the health status of all Californians, LGA assists in the development and refinement of the State's health care laws. LGA performs its role through various functions. 

Primary Functions:

  • Develops strategies for introducing and promoting legislation to implement the Department's sound public health principles.
  • Monitors the State's political pulse through interactions with Legislators and their staff, public and private agencies, the health professional community, consumers, constituency groups and educational partners who express interest in public health. LGA uses this information as it advises the California Health and Human Services Agency and Governor on public health policy.
  • Articulates Department and Administration policies to the California Legislature, in coordination with the California Health and Human Services Agency and the Governor.
  • Provides technical assistance to California State legislators and their staff on the Department's various programs through briefings, testimony at informational hearings, individual meetings, periodic newsletters, fact sheets, etc.
  • Builds and fosters strong partnerships for health with California State legislators and their staff.

Secondary Functions:

  • Provides consultative and technical assistance to the Department's programs and the public.
  • Ensures that the Department's bill analyses provide a sound basis for effective legislative advocacy.
  • Ensures that the Department's bill analyses synthesize the policies, activities and resource needs of its numerous programs.
  • Facilitates Department responses to constituent-related inquiries received from California State legislators and their staff. 


DHCS Letters of Support and Opposition:

AB 15 (Mainschein) Denti-Cal program: reimbursement rates.  Introduced version March 15, 2017

AB 15 (Mainschein) Denti-Cal program: reimbursement rates. Amended version March 23, 2017

AB 254 (Thurmond) Local Educational Agency Behavioral Health Integration pilot program. Amended version June 28, 2017

AB 572 (Quirk-Silva) Alcoholism or drug abuse treatment facilities: City of Costa Mesa pilot program.  Amended version July 3, 2017

AB 1688 (Committee on Health) Medi-Cal: Alameda County pilot program. Amended version March 16, 2017


Trailer Bill Legislation (TBL):

Please note the Department of Finance (DOF) has posted Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Governor’s Budget TBL to its website, which is periodically updated. Link to DOF’s Trailer Bill Language. DHCS’s TBL items are listed below with the link to the fact sheet 

·         602 Alternative Birth Centers Reimbursement Methodology
·         604 NQI Wrap Program
·         605 CalWORKS Eligibility to determine Medi-Cal Eligibility
·         606 Suspension of Medi-Cal County Admin COLA
·         607 Nursing Facility-Acute Hospital Waiver Renewal
·         609 Sunset of San Francisco Community-Living Support Benefit Waiver
·         610 Fifty Percent Rule and Personal Injury Lien Recovery
·         612 Third Party Recovery Contracting Authority
·         613 Sunset of Child Health and Disability Prevention State Only Program
·         614 Abolishment of the Major Risk Medical Insurance Fund
·        615 Continuation of CMC, Mandatory Enrollment of Duals to Managed Care, and Integration of specified LTSS into Managed Care
·         616 Every Woman Counts Program
·         617 Delaying MFTs as FQHC Billable Providers
·         618 Assisted Outpatient Treatment Evaluation Report
·         619 Out-of-County Foster Care Presumptive Transfer Regulations
·         642 California Children's Services Medical Therapy Program
·         643 Graduate Medical Education Payment Program
·         644 Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Allotment Allocation Adjustments
·         645 340B Contract Pharmacies
·         646 Covered Outpatient Drugs Rule Implementation
·         647 Cures Act Contracting Language
If you have any questions about DHCS’s TBL items or would like to be added to LGA’s TBL stakeholder distribution list, please contact Melissa Rolland, Assistant Deputy Director (

Legislative Staff with constituent inquiries - Please call us at (916) 440-7500

LGA staff is trained to assist you with constituent case work and handling the exchange of personal identifying information related to your constituent's case.

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1501 Capitol Avenue, Suite 6017
(916) 440-7500  FAX: (916) 440-7510
Mailing address: MS 0006, PO Box 997413, Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

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