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Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs

The Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs facilitates, coordinates, and advocates for the development and enactment of legislation in the interest of public health. As a key player in carrying out the Department of Health Care Services' mission to preserve and improve the health status of all Californians, the office assists in the development and refinement of the State's health care laws. The office performs its role through various functions.

Primary Functions:

  • Develops strategies for introducing and promoting legislation to implement the Department's sound public health principles.
  • Monitors the State's political pulse through interactions with Legislators and their staff, public and private agencies, the health professional community, consumers, constituency groups and educational partners who express interest in public health. The Office uses this information as it advises the California Health and Human Services Agency and Governor on public health policy.
  • Articulates Department and Administration policies to the California Legislature, in coordination with the California Health and Human Services Agency and the Governor.
  • Provides technical assistance to California State legislators and their staff on the Department's various programs through briefings, testimony at informational hearings, individual meetings, periodic newsletters, fact sheets, etc.
  • Builds and fosters strong partnerships for health with California State legislators and their staff.

Secondary Functions:

  • Provides consultative and technical assistance to the Department's programs and the public.
  • Ensures that the Department's bill analyses provide a sound basis for effective legislative advocacy.
  • Ensures that the Department's bill analyses synthesize the policies, activities and resource needs of its numerous programs.
  • Facilitates Department responses to constituent related inquiries received from California State legislators and their staff. 

      Link to Reports to the Legislature                                                Link to Annual Legislative Summaries
      (Legislatively Mandated Reports released)                                  (Summary of Chaptered and Vetoed legislation)


    Carol Gallegos, Deputy Director (     
    *Tina Chiginsky, Assistant Deputy Director (

    **Carolyn Brookins, Legislative Coordinator (
    Melissa Rolland, Legislative Coordinator (
    Cynthia Robinson, Legislative Coordinator (  
    Norma Solorio, Legislative Coordinator (

    Cynthia Bowman, Executive Assistant (
    Tina Johnson, Associate Governmental Program Analyst (
    Latoya Rivers, Office Assistant (

    *Assistant Deputy Director (ADD) is assigned to budget trailer bill issues and special projects.
    **Key Contact for legislative inquiries, correspondence, briefing requests, and informational hearings.

    Staff Assignments

              Carolyn Brookins (CB)

    AI    Audits & Investigations                          CA  Clinical Assurance & Admin Support
    CM   CA-MMIS (Fiscal Intermediary)            HP   Health Policy
    MD   Medi-Cal Dental                                   MP  Medical Policy (Medical Director)
    PE   Provider Enrollment                              SC   Systems of Care
    SF   Safety Net Financing                            TR   Third Party Recovery 

    Melissa Rolland (MR)

    Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Compliance (Criminal Justice, Licensing, Complaints)
    MH  Mental Health Services
    PT   SUD Prevention, Treatment & Recovery                                                                                             

    Cynthia Robinson (CR) 

    CR   Office of Civil Rights                              FP   Office of Family Planning (New)
    IM   Information Management (HIPAA/HIT)    IT     Information Technology
    LT   Long Term Care                                    MB   Medi-Cal Benefits
    MC   Medi-Cal Managed Care                      RD   Capitated Rates Development

              Norma Solorio (NS)

    AD   Administration                                         FR   Fee-for-Service Rates
    LG   Office of Legal Services                          ME   Medi-Cal Eligibility (includes LIHP)
    OP   Office of Medi-Cal Procurement              PA   Office of Public Affairs
    PB   Pharmacy Benefits                                  RH   Primary & Rural Health                           

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    Contact Us

    1501 Capitol Avenue, Suite 6017
    (916) 440-7500  FAX: (916) 440-5119 or 440-7510
    Mailing address: MS 0006, PO Box 997413, Sacramento, CA 95899-7413