In 2023, the Department of Health Care Services is piloting the Authorization to Share Confidential Medi-Cal Information (ASCMI) Form and consent management service (collectively referred to as the “ASCMI Pilot”). The ASCMI Form is a voluntary universal release of information that supports the sharing of Medi-Cal members’ physical, mental, and social health information through a standard consent process. The consent management service is an electronic platform to store and manage Medi-Cal members’ consent. Providers will be able to access the consent management service through the web and/or their existing electronic health record (EHR) system to upload signed ASCMI Forms, to check if a signed ASCMI Form is on file for a member, and to amend the member’s consent on their behalf. Medi-Cal members will also be able to access the consent management service through the web to amend their consent.   

The ASCMI pilot will facilitate the exchange of data needed to successfully implement programs such as Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports​, which requires obtaining members’ consent for sharing sensitive data, as mandated by state and federal law. For county agencies, managed care plans (MCPs), and service providers (e.g., ECM providers, Community Supports providers, physical and behavioral health providers, hospitals and others), participation in the ASCMI pilot presents the opportunity to invest, build, and strengthen inter-system interoperability, and reduce administrative burden across the State.

Important Updates

RFI 22–006 is live on Cal eProcure. DHCS is soliciting information from Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and Community Information Exchanges (CIE), counties, MCPs and providers that together are interested in the Pilot. The HIE/CIE is expected to take the overall lead role in the Pilot including responding to this RFI, but will need to form a collaborative partnership with at least one county, one or more MCPs, and their provider networks to deploy the ASCMI Form. Responses are due on November 28, 2022 at 5:00pm PST. Contact DHCS Contracts Division with any questions or comments on RFI 22–006 at​ 

Key Documents

  • ASCMI Form 

Informational Webinars

CalAIM Consent Management Pilot Webinar – November 2, 2022 

Additional Resources

Questions and Comments

Contact DHCS with any questions or comments on the CalAIM ASCMI Pilot at​

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