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​​​​Need assistance with Medi-Cal programs and services, filing a complaint, or have a question about Medi-Cal? Call or email the Ombudsman.
You may be able to find the help you need on our Department of Health Care Services Division and program list of contacts

Questions about your 1095-B Form?

  • ​Form 1095-B Returns
For information regarding 1095-B Returns, please visit the 1095-B Returns Page.
  • Form 1095-B FAQ's
​To view the 1095-B Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the 1095-B FAQ page.

Questions about your Benefits Identification Card (BIC)?

  • Did you lose your BIC?​
  • Was your BIC stolen?
  • Perhaps, you never received your BIC.

If you did not receive your BIC or it is lost or stolen, you may ask for a BIC from your county social services office. If your BIC is stolen, you must tell your​ local police and your county social services office. You should give as much information about the theft as possible. If you are issued a new card, your old card will no longer be valid. Please contact your local county office.​

Questions about your Medi-Cal coverage?

  • Do I have coverage?
  • What is my status?
  • ​Do I qualify?
  • How do I cancel?
For information regarding Medi-Cal coverage, please contact your local county office.​
  • ​Need a list of Medi-Cal providers?
For more information on how to find your Managed Care Provider, please visit the Managed Care Health Plan Directory webpage.

If you have not enrolled in a health plan yet, or live in a county that does not offer managed care health plans, here are some ways you can find a Fee-For-Service Medi-Cal provider​.

Do you need to update your information with Medi-Cal?

  • ​Change of address
  • Change of income
  • Change of name
  • Change of employment

To report change of address, please contact your local county office​.

  • Notify Medi-Cal of a death​
​If you are the person handling the affairs of the deceased Medi-Cal member, you must provide “Notice of Death” to the Director of DHCS within 90 days of the date of death with a copy of the death certificate. For more information, Please v​​isit the Estate Recovery​ page.​

Questions about requesting data and records?

  • ​I would like to request data
For information regarding requesting data, please visit the Data Resource Page.
  • I would like to request public records
​For information regarding requesting public records, please visit the Public Records Act Page.

You may contact ​Director Michelle Baass​​ by mail at:

Michelle Baass​​
Department of Health Care Services
P.O. Box 997413, MS 0000
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

Not able to find answers to your questions?

You may be able to find the assistance you need on our list of contacts or call or email the Ombudsman.
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