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​​CalAIM Corner

Transforming Behavioral Health

(June 28, 2022) CalAIM is strengthening the state's behavioral health continuum of care for all Californians, including Medi-Cal beneficiaries living with serious mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, or substance use disorder. The goal is to improve outcomes for people living with the most complex needs through better coordinated treatment, and to allow providers to respond in a patient-centered manner. Read More >>​

What is Providing​ Access and Transforming Health​ (PATH)?​

(April 27, 2022) PATH supports California's efforts to build, maintain, and scale the capacity necessary to implement CalAIM. It is a five-year, $1.85B initiative to help fund community-based organizations (CBOs), public hospitals, county agencies, Medi-Cal Tribal and Designees of Indian Health Programs, and others to successfully participate in Medi-Cal and serve members.​ To learn more about PATH, we spoke with Susan Philip, ​DHCS Deputy Director of Health Care Delivery Systems.​​ Read more > >​

What is Population Health Management?

​(February 28, 2022) CalAIM’s Population Health Management program is about proactively helping people stay well by identifying illnesses before they worsen and anticipating member needs before they increase. According to Dr. Palav Babaria, Chief Quality Officer and Deputy Director of Quality and Population Health Management at DHCS, “it’s about moving from a reactive health care system that cares for individuals when they are sick or hospitalized, to a proactive statewide system that understands member needs, even when they don’t feel sick or don’t need to see a doctor.” Read More >>
Last modified date: 8/16/2022 3:30 PM