​​​​​​​Recovery Incentives: California's Contingency Management Program​​​

Update on Recovery Incentives​

California’s Contingency Management Program and Related Incentive Manager Procurement ​

The Department remains committed to implementing its Contingency Management pilot program and expanding access to evidence-based treatment to address the persistent substance use disorder crisis in California. Contingency management is an evidence-based behavioral treatment that provides motivational incentives to reduce the use of stimulants. Contingency management is the only treatment that has demonstrated robust outcomes for individuals with stimulant use disorder, including reduction or cessation of drug use and longer retention in treatment. The Department will implement its Contingency Management pilot using an Incentive Manager vendor. 

The pilot was scheduled to begin July 1, 2022; however, inadvertent issues in our procurement of an Incentive Manager have resulted in noticing our intention to cancel the procurement (Invitation for Proposal #22-20047 Contingency Management Incentive Manager) and initiate a new procurement. Additional information will be communicated in the coming weeks. 

Although the new procurement will delay implementation of the Contingency Management benefit until fall 2022, programmatic activities including training and capacity-building for counties and providers will continue.​

Contingency Management

Contingency management (CM) is an evidence-based treatment that provides incentives to treat people with stimulant use disorder and support their path to recovery. It recognizes and reinforces individual positive behavioral change, as evidenced by drug tests negative for stimulants. While contingency management has been tested using other sources of funding, California is the first state in the country to receive federal approval of contingency management as a benefit in the Medicaid program (1115 waiver).

​​​Resources and Documents

​​Informational Webinar on Pilot Program

Phase I Pilot Program Kick-Off Webinar

Incentive Manager​

Request for Proposals will be released soon

Recovery Incentives: ​ Overview​

To expand access to evidence-based treatment for stimulant use disorder, DHCS will pilot Medi-Cal coverage of CM in select DMC-ODS counties fall 2022 in accordance with recent approval from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as part of the Cal-AIM demonstration. As part of the pilot, eligible Medi-Cal members will participate in a structured 24-week outpatient CM program, followed by six or more months of additional recovery support services. Individuals will be able to earn motivational incentives in the form of low-denomination gift cards, with a total retail value determined per treatment episode. 

​County Participation​

Participating Counties​​
​San Diego
​Contra Costa
​San Francisco
​San Joaquin
​San Luis Obispo
​San Mateo
Los Angeles
​Santa Barbara
​Santa Clara
​Santa Cruz
San Bernardino Yolo
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