​​​​​​Budget Information​​​​​
2022-23 Budget Act​

In June, 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the state budget, which includes the budget for DHCS programs and services in the amount of $144.8 billion. The DHCS budget builds on the Administration’s previous investments and enables the Department to continue to transform Medi-Cal into a system that operates more efficiently and effectively for its millions of beneficiaries. The enacted budget includes expansion of Medi-Cal for all adults ages 26 through 49 regardless of immigration status; skilled nursing facility financing reform; retention payments for eligible hospital, nursing facility and other specified workers; funding to support health and opportunities for children and families including grants to support wellness and build resilience in children, youth and parents; funding for California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM); funding to support behavioral health including the Behavioral Health Bridge Housing program and the addition of mobile crisis services; and funding to update health care financing, such as the elimination of AB 97 rate reductions on various provider types.

​​​​Final Budget Act Documents FY 2022-23

May Revision Budget Documents​​ FY 2022-23

Governor's Budget Documents ​FY 2022-​23​

Budget Policy Information

Proposed Trailer Bill Legislation – Fact Sheets

All proposed trailer bill language is posted on the Department of Finance’s webpage

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