​​Obtaining Mental Health Assistance

Californians in need of mental health assistance should get help as early as possible. Mental health is part of everyone’s overall health, and effective treatments and supports can help people recover.

All county mental health departments have 24/7 hotlines for local residents seeking assistance in a crisis and to access local mental health programs. Any resident can call 24/7, or walk-in to a county mental health office during business hours, and speak with a crisis worker. We encourage family members to call or come in if they are concerned a family member may harm themselves or is considering an act of violence – county mental health departments can help them to develop a safety plan. County Mental Health Crisis Numbers are provided at the link below.

If it is not an emergency, people should speak with their health care professional, who will determine how best to address their individual issues and provide referrals to mental health specialists, if appropriate. Individuals with health insurance can also call the toll-free mental health services number on the back of their insurance card to learn how to access mental health services through their insurance.

Last modified date: 9/21/2022 4:05 PM