​​​​​​​​Request For Solutions: Demonstration Site Selection Criteria

The Department used a Request for Solutions (RFS) process to select qualified health plans to participate in the dual eligibles demonstration. Following six months of numerous public meetings and opportunities for stakeholders to provide input, the Department released a draft version of the Request for Solutions for public comment on Dec. 23, 2011. A month later, the Department released a final version that reflected stakeholder input.

Draft Request for Solutions (RFS) Comments​

Fifty-four organizations and individuals submitted comments to the draft RFS release​d Dec. 22, 2011. Download the list of commenter names ​.

The comments are available in the following three documents listed alphabetically by organization (A-C), (D-M) and (N-Z).


A-C Comments (2 MB)

D-M Comments (3 MB)

N-Z Comments (6 MB)


The Medi-Cal Procurement Office organized all the comments by issue area.  Download the 194-page comment worksheet: Dual Eligible Final Comment Sheet (2 MB)

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