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The Fast Facts is created to answer frequently asked questions about Medi-Cal’s certified eligible population. The Fast Facts present a high-level graphical overview of Medi-Cal certified eligibles in the most recent reportable month by basic demographic and administrative characteristics, making use of visual displays to convey meaningful information.

The enrollment data included in this document represent only certified eligible counts. Certified eligibles are those beneficiaries deemed qualified for Medi-Cal by a valid eligibility determination, and who have enrolled into the program. This classification excludes beneficiaries who have not met a monthly share-of-cost obligation. Additionally, the presented enrollment counts exclude in​​formation related to applications received or any other eligible that may be in the process of becoming certified eligible.

The certified eligible counts presented in this document are considered preliminary and are subject to change. These certified eligible counts incorporate four months of Medi-Cal eligibility updates, and roughly 99.5% of all Medi-Cal certified eligibles for the most recent month displayed. A specific month’s enrollment count is considered complete for statistical reporting purposes 12 months after the month’s end. For example, the January 2017 month of eligibility would be reported in May 2017, which allows the January 2017 month of eligibility to be updated in February, March, April and May. This may include retroactive adjustments as well as other eligibility adjustments that occur throughout the four-month period. For more information on certified eligibles and reporting timeframes, please refer to this informational presentation: How Enrollment Statistics are Reported​ (PDF).

​Fast Facts - December 2022 (Date Repres​ented: September 2022)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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