2001 Policy and Procedure Letters

The Department issued policy and procedures regarding the Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) and Targeted Case Management (TCM) Program via a Policy and Procedures Letters (PPL's).

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01-016 (PDF)
November 2, 2001

To advise the LGAs that the FY 2001-2002 percentage of the participation fee is 46%.

01-015 (PDF)
October 29,2001

To inform each LGA TCM Coordinator of the 3-step policy regarding the review and approval of TCM invoices that contain overrides.

01-014 (PDF)
October 17, 2001

Notify all LGAs/LECs participating in the MAA Program that the ACOU will not hold invoices that have insufficient funds in their contract.

01-013 (PDF)
September 26, 2001

Notify each LGA that the TCM Cost Report for FY 2000/2001 must be sent to DHS no later than November 1, 2001.
01-012 (PDF)
September 5, 2001
Notify LGAs that the FMAP will change effective October 1, 2001.


01-011 (PDF)
August 16, 2001

Notify each LGA that the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare approved the Community SPA.

01-010 (PDF)
July 10, 2001

Provides instructions to LECs and LGAs regarding the submittal of MAA Claiming Plans and Amendments for the 1st qtr of FY 2001-2002.

01-009 (PDF)
July 6, 2001

Notifies all LECs and LGAs in the TCM and/or MAA programs for the FY 2001-2002 of the designated time survey month(s).

01-008 (PDF)
July 6, 2001

To inform each LGA of the submittal requirements for TCM encounters and invoices.
01-007 (PDF)
July 3, 2001
MAA Transportation Questions and Answers.
uly 26, 2001
Amends and supersedes the previously transmitted PPL 01-006 dated July 3, 2001.


01-006 (PDF)
July 3, 2001
Countywide Averages for Fiscal Year 2001-2002

01-005 (PDF)
June 19, 2001

To determine LGA participation in the TCM program during FY 2001-02 w/ survey.

01-004 (PDF)
April 6, 2001

To inform LGAs and LECs of the appropriate method to offset revenue from the HF/MCC application (MC 321 HFP) assistance compensation against MAA invoices.

01-003 (PDF)
April 6, 2001

To inform each LGA and LEC about new federal guidelines regarding the submittal of SPAs.

01-002 (PDF)
April 6, 2001
To provide clarification that was received from the federal HCFA regarding allowable home to school transportation.

01-001 (PDF)
January 19, 2001

To inform all LECs and LGAs of the division of duties between the ACOU and the ACPSU.

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