2005 Policy and Procedure Letters

The Department issues policy and procedures regarding the Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) and Targeted Case Management (TCM) Program via a Policy and Procedures Letters (PPL's)


 Number & Date  Description  Attachments

05-015 (PDF)
November 17, 2005

To advise LGAs that 45 percent of the participation fee for FY 2004-05


05-014 (PDF)
November 15, 2005

Notification of the designated 3rd qtr time survey week for FY 2005-2006 for LEA.  

05-013 (PDF)
October 6, 2005

Revised the LGA TCM Cost Report instructions.

05-012 (PDF)
September 26, 2005

Notify the LGA of the requirement for secondary documentation for the annual time surveys for MAA and for TCM.


05-011 (PDF)
August 16, 2005

Notification of the designated 2nd quarter time survey week for FY 2005-2006 for LEA.
The time survey results are used to determine the percentage of time spent on allowable MAA.


05-010 (PDF)
July 19, 2005

Provides instructions to LECs and LGAs regarding the submittal of MAA Claiming Plans, Claiming Plan Amendments and Operational Plan Grids for FY 2005/2006 and every fiscal year until further notice.  

05-009 (PDF)
July 11, 2005

Notifies the LGAs and LECs of the MAA of the requirement for the Invoice Variance Documentation.

05-008 (PDF)
June 29, 2005

Notification of a change in the time survey training requirement for LEC, LGAs, and LEAs.


05-007 (PDF)
June 16, 2005

Revised the requirements for the TCM Participation Survey submitted by LGAs as notification of their intent to participate in the TCM program.

05-006 (PDF)
May 27, 2005

Notification of the LEA designated time survey week for the first quarter of FY 2005-2006.  

05-005 (PDF)
June 8, 2005

Clarify the requirements for reimbursement of claims for TCM services.

05-004 (PDF)
June 20, 2005

Official transmittal for a new Claiming Plan Amendment Checklist.

05-003 (PDF)
May 18, 2005 (rev.)

Supercedes PPL 00-002, dated March 3, 2000. The ACOU has revised the procedures for the review and approval of MAA Claiming Plans and Amendments, effective July 1, 2005, to improve the timeliness of the process.


05-002 (PDF)
February 2, 2005

Current California State Department of Health Services (DHS) mailing addresses for use by participants in the MAA and TCM programs.


05-001 (PDF)
January 19, 2005

Provides non-school based LGAs’ MAA programs with the enclosed listing or a link to the list "County Population, Medi-Cal Eligibles and Medi-Cal Eligibles as a Percent of the Population, FY 2003-2004."

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