Office of Legal Services

The Office of Legal Services (OLS) provides comprehensive legal support and services to DHCS programs and its employees.

OLS is comprised of five legal teams which focus on specific areas that align with the DHCS organizational structure:

  • Administrative Litigation Team
  • Health Care Benefits and Eligibility Team
  • Health Care Delivery Systems Team
  • Health Care Financing and Rates Team
  • Behavioral Health Care Services Team


The Office of Regulations, which coordinates the development and promulgation of DHCS regulations, is also part of the OLS.

OLS also coordinates all Public Records Act Requests made to DHCS.

For subpoenas, complaints, or authorizations for the release of records, please see Service of Process page. 

Contact Us 

Mailing Address:
DHCS Office of Legal Services
MS 0010
P.O. Box 997413     
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

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