​The Office of Administrative Hearings and Appeals

The Office of Administrative Hearings and Appeals (OAHA) is an administrative hearing forum created by the Department of Health Care Services to provide a fair and impartial appeal process for providers and individuals who are dissatisfied with actions taken by the Department. 

In addition, OAHA is responsible for adjudicating appeals of residents who face involuntary transfer or discharge from their skilled nursing facility (SNF) or whose SNF has refused to readmit the resident following a period of hospitalization or pre-approved therapeutic leave.

Mission Statement

To provide a fair, efficient, and timely hearing process and to issue decisions consistent with laws and regulations.

The Appeal Process

OAHA conducts both INFORMAL and FORMAL hearings.

The INFORMAL hearing is a process conducted by a Hearing Auditor.  This process allows the parties to meet face to face or via telephone conference.  The hearings are recorded.  The informal hearing is not subject to the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, and representation by counsel is optional. 

A FORMAL hearing is before either a Hearing Officer or an Administrative Law Judge.  It is somewhat like a trial in court, with questions asked of sworn witnesses and exhibits submitted into evidence.  All formal hearings are recorded by a court reporter or digital recorder. 

Most cases begin with a hearing notice which will tell you whether you have an INFORMAL or FORMAL hearing.  The notice should inform you of where to find the rules and procedures applicable to your hearing.  Informal hearings are governed by the provisions of Title 22, California Code of Regulations, beginning with section 51016; whereas most formal hearings are governed by the Administrative Procedure Act, found in California Government Code, beginning with section 11370.

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