Medicaid Information Technology Architecture

With Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA), Medi-Cal program business needs drive the development of data and technical solutions which the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) uses to serve Medi-Cal members. DHCS is applying the principles and framework of MITA across Medi-Cal. MITA was developed by the Federal Government, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and requires a shift in thinking when it comes to the way DHCS structures itself and conducts business.


The purpose of MITA is to elevate and standardize the way that state Medicaid agencies look at, and do, business. Through the implementation of MITA, DHCS aims to improve management and systems development in support of improved health care for all Medi-Cal members.
MITA also supports Enterprise Architecture which has three components: Business Architecture, Information Architecture, and Technology Architecture. These architectures are to first define the business processes; second, identify the information necessary to operate the business of an organization; and third, identify and implement the technologies necessary to support the needs of each business operation as well as the transitional work necessary for implementing new technologies in response to the changing business needs. 

What MITA Means for Medi-Cal:

    • Member centered view - Focus more on the Medi-Cal Members and attempt to remove the restrictions that result from the Departments    organizational structure
    • Consistency - Establish common naming and structure throughout Medi-Cal, attempt to make the words and acronyms mean the same to everyone
    • Commonalities and Differences - Helps define processes, data, and technical solutions that are common to each State Medicaid Enterprise yet adaptive and extendable to meet state-specific needs
    • Culture Shift - Putting the needs and requirements of the business process first in Information Technology discussions
    • Standards - Use of industry standards in project management and utilization of available off the shelf software solutions


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