​​​​The California MAT Expansion Project: External Resources

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Toolkits for Treatment Providers

Prescriber Toolkit

This toolkit outlines the necessary steps to obtain a DATA 2000 Waiver to prescribe buprenorphine in a primary care office, or other health care setting.

Residential Facilities Toolkit

This toolkit for residential facilities was developed by Harbage Consulting, with support from the California Health Care Foundation, and in collaboration with DHCS. The toolkit aims to inform residential facilities about the evidence behind MAT, how it can help their patients, and how to get started with prescribing or allowing access to these medications within their facilities. The toolkit consists of three parts, an appendix, and a resource from the National Council for Behavioral Health challenging common myths about MAT.

STR Grant Materials

  • DHCS Opioid STR Grant Application

  • DHCS Opioid STR Grant Overview PowerPoint

  • DHCS Opioid STR Grant Timeline

SOR Grant Materials

  • SOR Project Narrative

  • SOR Project Chart 

  • Abstract


  • February 2018 County TA

  • MAT Expansion Project Overview

  • SOR Grant Overview

Resources for Families

Video Trainings 

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