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Helpful Hints

Health care fraud can be very confusing and many times there are issues that may not be fraud. Here are some helpful hints and suggestions that can help you if you have questions or concerns.  


Lost or stolen Medi-Cal Beneficiary Identification Cards (BIC):  If you have just lost your BIC card, contact your local county worker for a replacement. Fraud occurs if there is knowledge that a stolen or lost card has been or is currently being used by someone other than whom it was issued. 


 Although there can be fraudulent provider billing issues, the following are not necessarily fraudulent activities:
  • Short provider visits
  • Disagreeing with a diagnosis

Helpful Resources

There are many other agencies that might be able to better assist you for non-fraud related issues.  


The California Medical Board:  (800) 430-4263 

  • Regulates and licenses physicians and surgeons

Medi-Cal Managed Care Ombudsman: (888) 452-8609

  • If you are on Medi-Cal and you have a complaint you cannot resolve with your health plan

Medi-Cal Billing: (800) 541-5555

  • If you have questions or problems regarding a Medi-Cal bill


Consumer Affairs: (800) 952-5210

  • To report or file a complaint regarding Physician Assistants


Board of Pharmacy (Department of Consumer Affairs): (916) 574-7900

  • To report pharmacist misconduct or an error in the filling of a prescription

California Board of Registered Nursing Board

  • To complain about any registered nurse who has acted in an unsafe or unprofessional manner or that an unlicensed person is illegally providing nursing care 

Report Fraud

Please note: Audits and Investigations staff is not authorized to provide any legal advice.

Reporting Medi-Cal fraud ​

If you prefer to mail your complaint to our office, please use the address listed below.

Medi-Cal Fraud Complaint – Intake Unit
Audits and Investigations
PO Box 997413, MS 2500
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413​

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