​CalOMS Treatment

CalOMS Treatment (CalOMS Tx) is California's data collection and reporting system for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services.

  • CalOMS Tx data is due to DHCS by the 15th of each month, or approximately within 45 days of the report month.

  • Counties and direct providers may submit their monthly CalOMS Tx data as soon as it is available, or at any time during the report month (the calendar month in which the admissions, discharges, or annual updates occur).

For more information about CalOMS Tx:

Master Provider File Database Management

The MPF Database is used to create identification records for providers who are either county- or state-contracted, and providers who obtain DMC certification. A 6-digit data reporting number (formerly known as “Provider ID Number”) is issued when a provider contracts with the state or county, or obtains DMC certification. For more information, please visit the Master Provider File webpage​.
Please email the MPF team at DHCSMPF@dhcs.ca.gov to request the most current SUD Provider Information form:
  • To add a new Substance Abuse Block Grant funded SUD Treatment and/or Prevention provider, please request the Non-Drug Medi-Cal New Provider Information Form v3

For questions regarding data reporting numbers or the MPF database, please email: DHCSMPF@dhcs.ca.gov

Last modified date: 3/23/2021 9:10 AM