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Providers in the 29 selected counties are eligible to receive incentives for performing pre-defined treatment plans for children based upon the beneficiaries' risk assessment. If the pilot is successful, then this program may be expanded to other counties. Dental Managed Care providers are included in this Domain 2 incentive program. The goal is to:

  • Diagnose early childhood caries by utilizing Caries Risk Assessments (CRA) to treat it as a chronic disease
  • Introduce a model that proactively prevents and mitigates oral disease through the delivery of preventive services in lieu of more invasive and costly procedures (restorative services)
  • Identify the effectiveness of CRA and treatment plans for children ages 6 and under

The 29 pilot counties are:  

  • ​Contra Costa*
  • ​Madera*
  • ​San Joaquin*
  • ​Fresno*
  • ​Mendocino
  • ​Santa Barbara*
  • ​Glenn
  • ​Merced*
  • ​Santa Clara*
  • ​Humboldt
  • ​Monterey*
  • ​Sierra
  • ​Imperial*
  • ​Orange*
  • ​Sonoma*
  • ​Inyo
  • ​Plumas
  • ​Stanislaus*
  • ​Kern*
  • ​Riverside*
  • ​Tulare
  • ​Kings
  • ​Sacramento
  • ​Ventura*
  • ​Lassen
  • ​San Bernardino*
  • ​Yuba
  • ​Los Angeles*
  • ​San Diego*

*Additional counties effective January 1, 2019


Provider Resources for Participation in Domain 2:

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Please email your comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the DTI to: DTI@dhcs.ca.gov.

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