Dual Eligibles Data

Data from CA Department of Health Care Services’ Research and Analytic Studies Branch (RASB)

 Medi-Cal’s CCI Population: Combined Medicare and Medi-Cal Cost, Utilization, and Disease Burden (November 2012) This report provides a demographic profile of the population potentially eligible for Medi-Cal’s CCI, presents cost and utilization statistics for that population, and describes the relevant disease burden and conditions treated.

 Medi-Cal Statistical Brief: Medi-Cal’s CCI Population – Definitions and Estimated Counts (November 2012) This statistical brief defines Medi-Cal’s CCI population and presents estimated population counts.

  Profiles of Medi-Cal’s Fee-for-Service (FFS) CCI Population in the Eight Pilot Counties  (November 2012) This supplemental report provides a snap-shot of the population potentially eligible for Medi-Cal’s CCI in each of the eight pilot counties.  The data contained in this report pertains to beneficiaries participating in both Medicare and Medi-Cal’s traditional FFS care models and living in one of the following counties: Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Mateo, or Santa Clara.

 CCI Population Cheat Sheet (November 2012) This document provides a definition for each of the five CCI populations and eligible counts.

 CCI Population Flow Chart (November 2012) This document provides a graphical presentation of the CCI populations within the context of the overall dual eligible population.

CCI Population – Datasets and Pivot Tables (November 2012) This link navigates to a graphical overview of Medi-Cal’s CCI populations with links to specific data sets for:  the CCI population in the 58 counties – After Exclusions, CCI population in the eight counties, and the FFS CCI population in the eight pilot counties.

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