​​​​​Coverage Questions 

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What types of services by store and forward does Medi-Cal cover?

Medi-Cal's telehealth policy gives providers flexibility to determine if a particular service or benefit is clinically appropriate for store and forward. Please see the Medi-Cal Provider Manual: Telehealth for additional information.

Does Medi-Cal cover dental services provided via telehealth?

Yes. More information is available in the Provider Handbook for Medi-Cal Dental Services.  

Does Medi-Cal cover remote patient monitoring (telemonitoring)?

Yes, effective July 1, 2021, remote physiologic monitoring​ (RPM), also known as remote patient monitoring, was implemented for fee-for-service and managed care beneficiaries with full scope Medi-Cal or pregnancy-only coverage. RPM services are provided for established patients ages 21 and older and are reimbursable when ordered by and billed by physicians or other qualified health professionals (QHP).
Last modified date: 3/2/2022 4:02 PM