Hospital Financing Data Unit

The Hospital Financing Data Unit (HFDU) was established following enactment of the :

  1. Medi-Cal Hospital/Uninsured Care Demonstration Project Act, Chapter 560, Statutes of 2005 (SB 1100, Perata and Ducheny); and
  2. Health Care Coverage Initiatives, Chapter 76, Statutes of 2006 (SB 1448, Kuehl).

SB 1100 provided the statutory framework for the federal section 1115 Hospital/Uninsured Care Demonstration (Demonstration), effective from September 1, 2006, through August 31, 2010, which enables California to stabilize and increase funding to its safety net hospitals.  SB 1448 provided the statutory framework for that portion of the Demonstration related to the extension of health care coverage to eligible low-income uninsured individuals. 


The HFDU is responsible for:

  • Generating written detailed quarterly and annual reports related to the Demonstration;
  • Developing new protocols and procedures required by the Demonstration;
  • Implementing and monitoring Health Care Coverage Initiative activities; and,
  • Analyzing legislation concerning reimbursement for safety net hospitals and proposals for new health care initiatives.

Additional information about the Demonstration can be found at the Medi-Cal Redesign web page.

Link to Health Care Coverage Initiative page.


Contact Information

Hospital Financing Data Unit
1501 Capitol Avenue, MS 4519
P.O. Box 997436
Sacramento, CA 95899-7419
Phone: (916) 552-9113
Fax: (916) 552-9109

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