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LEA Program Paid Claims Data Reports

 Summary of LEA Claims Expenditures by State Fiscal Year

  Fiscal Year​​​​
  Data   Total
​FY 20​15-2016​Sum of Paid​$143,943,868
​FY 2014-2015
​Sum of Paid​$149,501,294
 ​FY 2013-2014​Sum of Paid​$148,721,473
​ FY 2012-2013​Sum of Paid​$145,582,073
 FY 2011-2012Sum of Paid$137,982,764
 FY 2010-2011Sum of Paid$147,822,448
 FY 2009-2010Sum of Paid $130,426,809
 FY 2008-2009 Sum of Paid $109,872,476
 FY 2007-2008* Sum of Paid $81,240,932
 FY 2006-2007* Sum of Paid $69,549,972
 FY 2005-2006 Sum of Paid $63,563,404
 FY 2004-2005 Sum of Paid $63,881,236
 FY 2003-2004 Sum of Paid $90,919,630
 FY 2002-2003 Sum of Paid $92,220,083
 FY 2001-2002 Sum of Paid $67,877,704
 FY 2000-2001
 S​um of Paid $59,601,374
 FY 1999-2000​​
 Sum of Paid $49,373,478
 FY 1998-1999​

 Sum of Paid $45,295,483


* FY 2006-07 and FY 2007-08 reimbursement data updated to reflect corrected paid claims after EPCs were implemented
for LEA services; totals exclude claims erroneously billed and reimbursed at "basic rate." Data by date of service.

SFY 2000 - SFY 2006: DHCS Medical Care Statistics Section, data by date of payment.
SFY 2007 Updated - Current: EDS/HP/ACS/Xerox, data by date of service.



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