TCM Cost Report Materials

Certification Statements

LGA Certification Statement for TCM Cost Report (PDF)

Non-LGA LPE Certification and LGA Attestation Statements for TCM Cost Report (PDF)

Cost Report Template

TCM Cost Report Template (ZIP)

TCM Cost Report Instruction Manual (PDF)

TCM 2018-2019 Cost Report Instructions Training (PDF)

Note: The TCM Cost Report Template is compressed for posting purposes. To uncompress/unzip, use your in-house compression utility or WinZip. Information and instructions on WinZip.

Cost Report Materials

Handout 1 - TCM Power Point Presentation (PDF)

Handout 3 - Scenario for the TCM Cost Report Training (PDF)

Handout 4 - Scenario Result / Completed Cost Report (ZIP)

Handout 5 - Exercises and Answers (PDF)

Cost Report Training Questions and Answers (PDF)

Cost Report Training Questions and Answers 2018 (PDF)

NOTE: The Excel templates run with Macros, therefore you need to set your Macro Security to medium or low.  Before opening the requests, open Excel and click the 'Tools' menu from the top menu bar then select 'Macro' and then 'Security'.  In the dialog box, verify security is set to Medium or Low.  This should enable you to use the Cost Report Template properly.  If you set security to Medium, you will need to select 'enable macros' when prompted.​​​​​​

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