​​​Targeted Case Management (TCM) System Training

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In order to use the TCM System, you must use a standard web browser (minimum of Explorer 4.x or Netscape 4.x) with 128-bit encryption. 

All downloada​ble documents are in PDF format.

The TCM System has different Levels of Access that may be provided. 

Steps that the LGA must take in order to use the TCM System.

  1. The MAA/TCM Coordinator must submit a signed User ID Request  to the DHCS to obtain an LGA Administrator level user identification and password.  The LGA must also complete and submit the LGA Profile.  LGAs must include any "subprogram" codes the LGA wishes to use on the.​​​
  2. The DHCS will input the LGA Profile (including "subprogram" codes) and assign the LGA Administrator access.
  3. Once access is authorized, the LGA Administrator may then assign access to LGA staff for the input of encounter data.

The training material for using the TCM system:

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