​​​​​Dental Transformation Initiative Domain 1 Resources

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In alignment with the CMS Oral Health Initiative, this program aims to increase the stat​ewide proportion of children ages 1 through 20 enrolled in Medi-Cal who receive preventive dental services in a given year. The goal is to Increase statewide proportion of children ages 1 through 20 enrolled in Medi-Cal who receive a preventive dental service by 10 percentage points over a five-year period.

Safety Net Clinic Resources for Data Submission

The claim submission deadline for Domain 1 has been updated. Providers must submit all DTI related claims by January 14, 2022, for payment consideration. Claims submitted after this date may not be considered for payment. All payments are subject to authorized funding authority. 
​Note: DHCS recommends that SNCs submit data electronically, rather than via proprietary form.


Contact Us

Please direct your comments, questions, or sugg​estions regarding the DTI to : DTI@dhcs.ca.gov.​​

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