​​NQI Closed Line Systems


An article from Aly et al (in PEDIATRICS Vol. 115 No. 6 June 2005, pp. 1513-1518) described a closed medication delivery system implemented as part of a bundle to decrease the rate of BSI. Two NICUs in our group have implemented this system and have kindly shared their procedure with us. The article does not provide the best explanation as to how to design the closed medication system. 


Robin Koeppel from UCI has talked with the authors to help understand the concept and has provided the PowerPoint slides with a photo of the setup for sharing. She is also available to answer questions that you might have (rkoeppel@uci.edu).


Teresa Proctor (Tproctor@mail.cho.org) has shared the procedure used at Children's Hospital at Oakland in assembling their closed medication setup, which is contained in the Word document.

Closed line systems

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