​​​Vision Care Provider Directory​

This page is for Fee-for-Service (straight) Medi-Cal beneficiaries only. To locate Medi-Cal Managed Care vision providers, please contact your plan directly (LA Care, PHP-HealthNet, PHP-Blue Cross, Molina, etc.).

Fee-for-Service Beneficiary Vision Benefits

  • Routine eye exam and eyeglasses once every 24 months​
  • All beneficiaries are eligible for a routine eye exam which checks the health of the eyes and tests for an eyeglass prescription
  • Effective January 1, 2020, coverage for eyeglasses (frame and lenses) for eligible adult beneficiaries ages 21 or older are reinstated.
Select the appropriate county or city to view a list of vision care providers who may accept new Medi-Cal patients. This is not a guarantee that they will be available to accept additional patients at the time you contact them.

​Types of Vision Care Providers​

Ocularists are eye care professionals who specialize in the fabrication and fitting of ocular prostheses for people who have lost an eye or eyes due to trauma or illness.

Opticians are optical professionals who fill prescriptions,​ issued by ophthalmologists and optometrists, for corrective eyewear. These prescriptions may include eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids, and ocular prostheses.

Optometrists are health care professionals who are state licensed to provide primary eye services. These services include comprehensive eye health and vision examinations, diagnosis, and treatment of certain eye diseases and disorders of the eye as well as the diagnosis of certain related systemic conditions. Treatments may include the prescribing of eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation and medications, and the performing of certain minor surgical procedures.

Ophthalmologists are physicians (doctor of medicine (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathy (D.O.)) who specialize in the comprehensive care of the eyes and visual system in the prevention of eye disease and injury. The ophthalmologist is the medically trained specialist who can deliver total eye care: primary, secondary, and tertiary care services (i.e., vision services, contact lenses, eye examinations, medical eye care, and surgical eye care), and diagnose general diseases of the body.

Medi-Cal Vision Benefits Frequently Asked Questions


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