​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Contracts Division

The Contracts Division (CD) was established to serve as an internal consulting and advisory group within the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to perform major procurements conducted by the Medi-Cal program. The goal of the CD is to ensure that Medi-Cal contracting and procurement procedures are of the highest integrity, and that the competitive bidding processes are employed to the maximum extent required by law.​

Important Message Regarding CAL eProcure​ / Fi$Cal: 

The California State Contracts Register (CSCR) has moved to the Cal eProcure / Fi$Cal website. It is highly recommended that entities who wish to contract with the State of California complete registration for the Cal eProcure/Fi​$Cal system in order to be notified of contracting opportunities, and ultimately be compensated for contractual work through the Fi$Cal payment system as it continues to be implemented. CD will be using this system for many future RFP/IFB releases that may no longer appear on this site.


To ensure contracts and procurements are legally compliant by providing high-quality services to the Department of Health Care Services programs and external stakeholders.


To be recognized as state contracting and procurement experts, and to be a collaborative partner to all DHCS programs in their effort to provide high-quality healthcare to all Californians. 

Core Values

Integrity:  We are honest, fair, and respectful in our treatment of everyone. We communicate with truthfulness and make ethical decisions consistent with our mandates and mission without consideration of self-interest.

Innovative: We are progressive and initiate new ideas and concepts to improve health care policy and deliver quality services to the public. We value new ideas and concepts, which are fundamental to our successful delivery of services to customers and efficient regulation of the health care marketplace. We encourage actively seeking creative solutions to problems and processes. We value creative problem solving, responsible risk-taking, and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas.

Customer Service:  We acknowledge all stakeholders as our valued customers, focusing our attention on their needs. We strive to meet all deadlines and special requests while delivering professional, helpful, and high quality service.

Efficiency:  We strive to deliver high-quality services to all, both inside and outside of the organization, with efficient use of all available resources. We continually improve our system of service delivery through innovation, effective communications, and development, while mindful of the time, costs, and expectations stakeholders have invested.

Collaboration:  We value teams working together, both inside and outside our organization, that create value by promoting innovation, stakeholder relationships, and efficiency. We value partnerships.  We foster the public's trust through open communication and transparency, while working in a cooperative, respectful, and courteous manner. ​

Procurements, Links and Status ​

 ​Active Proc​urements & Links​​​

​Procurement Stat​us

Children and Youth Behavioral Heath Initiative (RFI # 22-001) *
​Request for Information Released
Computer Application and IT Training Courses​ (IFB # 22-20036) *​
​Notice of Intent to Award Released
View the NOIA document
​Contingency Management Incentive Manager​ (RFP # 22-20180) *
​Notice of Intent to Award Released View the NOIA document​
Dental FI-DBO (RFP​ # 20-10354) *​​
​Notice of Intent to Award Release​d
​Expansion of School-Based Health Care (RFP # 21-10373​) *
​Notice of Intent to Award Released
Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans (RFP # 20-10029) *
​​Notice of Intent to Award Released
​Mobile Crisis Training, Readiness Reviews & Technical Assistance (RFI # 22-002) *​
​Request for Information Released
​Population Health Management​ (IFP # 21-10375) *​​​
​​Notice of Intent to Award Released
Public Health Emergency Campaign (RFI # 22-003) *
​Request for Information Released​​
ASCMI (RFI #22-006) *​
​Request for Information Released
​Third-Party Monitor​ (RFI #22-004) *
​Request for Information Released

​​*Released to the California State Contracts Register (CSCR) on the Cal eProcure / Fi$Cal website. Click the project link above and follow the instructions contained in the ​calendar event for this release to download the RFP from the CSCR. ​Also note the IMPORTANT message above concerning this subject. 

Informational Links​

Contact CD

Contracts Division
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(916) 552-8006​
Please email your questions, comments or concerns to CD​RFP0@dhcs.ca.gov.
If you are looking for general information on the Medi-Cal program, wish to apply for Medi-Cal, or have questions about your Medi-Cal account, please visit the Medi-Cal home page. You may also call your local county health/social services office.
For information on direct contracting with the State of California, please visit the Department of General Services homepage.​
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