​Find a Provider
Hearing Aid Coverage for Children Program

​How to find a provider

  • Once enrolled, find a participating provider​
  • If your child is already established with a pediatric hearing aid provider, you can ask your current provider whether they are enrolled as a Medi-Cal or CCS provider
    • Enrolled Fee-For-Service (FFS) Medi-Cal providers may submit claims for covered benefits provided to HACCP patients through the same process they already use for FFS Medi-Cal and CCS​
    • If your provider is not already enrolled in Medi-Cal, they can learn more and apply online
  • What to bring to your child’s first appointment:
    • HACCP ID card
    • Health insurance card(s) if your child has other health coverage
    • Documents from earlier appointments (if any), which may include:
      • Hearing aid prescription signed by your child’s otolaryngologist or physician
      • Medical history and examination notes from your child’s otolaryngologist, including medical clearance from hearing aids
      • Hearing aid recommendation(s) and audiologic report from your child’s previous audiologist
    • Any other documents requested by your child’s enrolled provider​

Last modified date: 8/1/2022 1:00 PM