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How to Login to the Online PASRR System

The Online PASRR System is available here: Online PASRR System


  1. Please ensure your computer browser meets the minimum requirements needed and your pop-up blocker is turned off before login. 
  2. Click the link above.
  3. A windows security pop-up will prompt you to enter your User Name (User ID) and Password and select “Ok".
  4. New enrollees and those unlocked will be prompted to complete 5 security questions and save.
  5. Returning Enrollees will be prompted to answer one of the 5 security questions before login.

PASRR Minimum Browser Settings

Online PASRR is compatible with the following browsers:



Minimum Recommended
Internet Explorer Version 8 Version 10


For security purposes, please do not allow the browser to remember your password.

Turning off the “Pop-up" Blocker

For Online PASRR to work correctly, you must disable the Pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer


  1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites
  2. Enter https://pasrr.dhcs.ca.gov Click Add
  3. Enter https://www.ext.dhs.ca.gov/iisadmpwd Click Add
  4. Enter https://ext2.dhcs.ca.gov/webpassmgr Click Add> Click Close> Ok

Having Issues with the Security Questions

You are allowed three attempts to answer the security question before the system will lock your account. If locked out, please email a PASRR Enrollment/Change Request form to ITServiceDesk@dhcs.ca.gov with the type of request as “Unlock". Requests will not be processed after business hours, weekends, or state holidays.  

Having Issues with Login

If you encounter an issue logging in, please contact DHCS IT Service Desk.

Phone: (916) 440-7000 and select option 1

Email: ITServiceDesk@dhcs.ca.gov

Support is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 5:00pm. Requests will not be processed after business hours, weekends, or state holidays.

Last modified date: 3/24/2021 12:19 AM