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TPLRD Electronic Funds Transfer Payments

The Third Party Liability and Recovery Division (TPLRD) accepts online payment from your checking or savings account through the secured Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which provides a faster and easier method to submit payments to TPLRD.

Make an EFT Payment

EFT is the preferred method for payment submission and offers many advantages, including:

  • Free, online payment submission
  • Safe, secure funds transfer
  • Quicker delivery and processing time
  • Savings on postage and printing costs


Make a payment by selecting the button below. You have the option to pay as an Enrolled User or a One-Time Payment User

Enrolled User

The Enrolled User option allows you to easily:

  • Make a payment you can track
  • Schedule future payments
  • Cancel a scheduled payment
  • Access and track payment history.


You can sign up to become an Enrolled User by using the Online EFT Enrollment Form or by printing out the Mail-In EFT enrollment form and sending it to DHCS by mail to:

Department of Health Care Services

TPLRD ASU EFT Admin, MS 4718

P.O. Box 997425

Sacramento, CA 95899-7425

 Once TPLRD processes your form, you will receive an enrollment confirmation letter and an email to activate your account.

One-Time Payment User

The One-Time Payment User option allows you to make one or more payment immediately. 

This may be the best option for you if:

  • You are not an enrolled user and need to send your payment immediately.
  • You submitted the EFT enrollment form (to become an Enrolled User), but have not yet received an enrollment confirmation letter or activation email. 
  • You choose not to become an Enrolled User.


Please note: as a One-Time Payment User, you do not have the option to cancel a schedule payment nor access or track your payment history.

EFT Customer Service

Do you need help to cancel a scheduled payment? Please contact EFT Customer Service.

  • Dial 1-800-554-7500
  • Make your language selection
  • select 0 to speak to a representative


Last modified date: 1/30/2020 12:32 PM