Valley Children's Hospital

Special Care Center Type Center Number
Cardiac Center 7.02.17
Communication Disorder Center Type C 7.35.5
Craniofacial Center 7.03.09
Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Disease Center 7.11.02
Endocrine Center 7.09.08B
Gastrointestinal Center 7.23.14
Hematology/Oncology Center 7.16.19
Hemophilia Center 7.15.16
High Risk Infant Follow-up (Regional) 7.37.03
Metabolic Center 7.09.08A
Musculoskeletal/Neuromusculoskeletal Center 7.20.11
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Regional) 7.12.20
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 7.25.11
Rehabilitation Center 7.05.33
Renal Dialysis and Transplant Centers 7.10.21
​Rheumatology Disease 7.20.03
Sickle Cell Disease Center 7.17.23
Spina Bifida Center 7.08.06


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