Genetically Handicapped Persons Program Provider Directory

Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP) Directories 

Physician Directory 

Physician Directory 

If your physician is not in the directory, please call the physician’s office and ask if he or she has an active Medi-Cal/ National Provider Identification (NPI) number. If the physician has an active Medi-Cal/NPI number, you can see this physician with prior approval or prior authorization from the GHPP.

Dentist Directory

Dentist Directory

If you are a Medi-Cal Client:

If you are eligible for full scope benefits with no share of cost under Medi-Cal, you can see any dentist in your area who accepts Medi-Cal clients. You do not have to obtain prior authorization from the GHPP.


If you are a GHPP Only Client:

You need to obtain prior authorization from the GHPP for any dental services. Your dentist must have an active California Children's Services/GHPP Program (CGP) provider number or must apply for a CGP number. Please ask your dentist if they have an active CGP provider number. If they do not have a CGP number, please tell your dentist to call GHPP to obtain a CGP number:

Please call the Integrated Systems of Care Division (ISCD) at (​916) 552-9105 and make the following selections:
  • First, select Option 2 for GHPP
  • Next, select Option 2 for Eligibility​

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