​​Read Before Enrolling in HCBS Waiver & Program Services

Apply for Medi-Cal

You must apply for Medi-Cal in order to receive HCBS waiver and program services.

You may apply for Medi-Cal before or after requesting HCBS waiver and program services.

On your Medi-Cal application, you must indicate that you need long term care services and support.

For more information, please see Ways to Apply for Medi-Cal.

Special Medi-Cal Eligibility Rules

If you are currently on a waiting list for HCBS waiver or program services, special Medi-Cal eligibility rules may apply if you are
  • Married or in a registered domestic partnership and
  • Meet the medical requirement as verified by your doctor's verification form. (Translations can be found within ACWDL 18-17) :
More information about these special rules can be found on the Spousal Impoverishment flyer. (Spanish Version)

More questions? Please refer to your local county office
Last modified date: 9/20/2021 11:52 AM