​​Administrative Day Rate Level 1

Administrative days are inpatient stay days for recipients who no longer require acute hospital care and are awaiting placement in a nursing home or other subacute or post-acute care.
In accordance with California Code of Regulations, title 22, sections 51542 and 515​​11, a DP/NF-B of an acute care hospital will receive the lesser of its projected costs or the DP/NF-B median rate as their Administrative Day rate. 
Acute care hospitals without a DP/NF-B will receive the DP/NF-B median rate.
Below is the DP/NF-B Median rate for each year, including the temporary increased reimbursement for the COVID-19 emergency:

Rate YearRate
2021-22 Temporary COVID-19 Emergency Increased Median​​$693.00
2020-21 Temporary COVID-19 Emergency Increased Median​​$626.60
2019-20 Temporary COVID-19 Emergency Increased Median$626.52
2017-18 $487.57
2016-17 $489.28
2015-16 $443.73
2014-15 $415.85

The 2021-22 temporary COVID-19 emergency increased median rate is effective 8/1/2021.

The 2020-21 temporary COVID-19 emergency increased median rate is effective 8/1/2020.

The 2019-20 temporary COVID-19 emergency increased median rate is effective 3/1/2020.

Upon expiration of the public health emergency or national emergency, whichever occurs first, Administrative Day reimbursements will revert to their standard per diem rates. The Department will post an update on the Long Term Care Reimbursement webpage to inform providers of the expiration of the emergency period and the corresponding expiration of the additional reimbursement.  

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Last modified date: 5/24/2022 4:02 PM