​Rural Swing Bed

The rural hospital swing bed program offers Long Term Care (LTC) services in areas where there is a shortage of Nursing Facility Level B (NF-B) beds. The Rural Swing Bed rates are billed with accommodation codes 04 for regular services and 05 for leave of absence/bed hold services. 

DP/NF-B services provided to patients in swing beds will be reimbursed pursuant to CCR, title 22, section 51511 (a) (4).  


Rate YearDescriptionExempt from AB 97 Rate*Not Exempt from AB 97 Rate**Effective Date
​2021-22​Temporary COVID-19 Rates​$565.86​$345.25​8/1/2021
2020-21Temporary COVID-19 Rates$522.77$344.278/1/2020
2019-20Temporary COVID-19 Rates$480.33$343.283/1/2020
2019-20Annual Rates$436.64$312.078/1/2019
2018-19Annual Rates$410.32$311.348/1/2018
2017-18Annual Rates$399.54$310.768/1/2017

*Hospitals with a DP/NF-B located in designated rural/frontier areas are exempt from the AB 97 rate freeze.

**Hospitals without a DP/NF-B are not exempt from the AB 97 rate freeze.

 Upon expiration of the public health emergency or national emergency, whichever occurs first, Rural Swing Bed reimbursements will revert to their standard per diem rates. The Department will post an update on the Long Term Care Reimbursement webpage to inform providers of the expiration of the emergency period and the corresponding expiration of the additional reimbursement.

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