​​Where to Get Help​

  1. For General Information about Medi-Cal:

    Call Xerox Customer Service Unit at (800) 541-5555 (outside of California, please call 916-636-1980); or
    Call your county social services agency office

  2. For Information About What Medical Services Medi-Cal Covers:

    Call Your Provider (your doctor, dentist, clinic, hospital, etc.)
    For Questions about Dental Services or Medi-Cal Dental Programs: (800) 322-6384

  3. Prepaid Health Plans/Managed Care:

    To Enroll/Disenroll Call MAXIMUS, the State's Health Care Options Contractor: (800) 430-4263
    To File A "Plan Specific" Complaint call your specific Health Plan
    If You Are Not Satisfied, Call The State Office of The Ombudsman: (888) 452-8609

  4. Medi-Cal Billing Problems:

    For Problems Or Questions Regarding Medical Bills, Call Xerox:(800) 541-5555 (outside of California, please call 916-636-1980)

  5. Medi-Cal State Hearing:

    To file a request for a Medi-Cal State Hearing: Call the Public Inquiry and Response Unit at (800) 952-5253; For Hearing Impaired: TDD (800) 952-8349

  6. Third Party Liability:

    Other Health Coverage Updates: (800) 541-5555 (outside of California, please call 916-636-1980)
    Casualty, Personal Injury, Probate, Estate, Liens, Workers’ Compensation, Overpayment Recovery: (916) 650-0490
    Health Insurance Billing and Coding, Premium Payment, Medicare Buy-in: (916) 650-0490

  7. Medi-Cal Beneficiary Fraud and Abuse: (800) 822-6222

  8. Provider Fraud and Elder Abuse complaint line: (800) 722-0432

  9. SSA or SSI/SSP Information: 1 (800) 772-1213
    (For hearing impaired: TTY 1 (800) 325-0778

  10. Other Health Program Numbers:

    For Healthy Families/Medi-Cal for Children application and/or information: (888) 747-1222
    Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM): (800) 433-2611
    Family Planning Services:(800) 942-1054
    Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program: (800) 433-2611
Last modified date: 3/23/2021 2:19 PM