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The Medi-Cal Eligibility Division (MCED) is responsible for the development, coordination, clarification, and implementation of Medi-Cal regulations, policy, and procedures to assure Medi-Cal eligibility is determined accurately and timely by the 58 county human services agencies.



A static listing of all policy and information
letters written and released by MCED to the 58 counties by year, providing counties updates concerning Medi-Cal.


Access the Eligiblilty Policy and Regulation Center (E-PARC) database to search for All County Welfare Director's Letters released by MCED to the 58 counties informing counties of policies and procedures for the implementation and administration of the Medi-Cal program.


Medi-Cal Eligibility Procedures Manual (MEPM) provides clarification to county human services agency staff on policies and procedures for making eligibility determinations for the Medi-Cal program.
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