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The Office of Family Planning (OFP) is charged by the California Legislature “to make available to citizens of the State who are of childbearing age comprehensive medical knowledge, assistance, and services relating to the planning of families”.  The purpose of family planning is to provide women and men a means by which they decide for themselves the number, timing, and spacing of their children.

The Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment (Family PACT) Program is administered by the California Department of Health Care Services, OFP and has been operating since 1997 to provide family planning and reproductive health services at no cost to California’s low-income (under 200% federal poverty level) residents of reproductive age. The program offers comprehensive family planning services, including contraception, pregnancy testing, and sterilization, as well as sexually transmitted infection testing and limited cancer screening services.  Family PACT serves 1.1 million income eligible men and women of childbearing age through a network of 2,400 public and private providers.​​


​​Family PACT Provider ​​Enrollment & Responsibilities Policy  

The California Department of Health Care Services, OFP is publishing the final draft of the provider enrollment and responsibilities policy updates for the Family PACT program.  The updates: (1) clarify the requirements to enroll as a Family PACT provider, including, but not limited to, administrative responsibilities, application completion, screening, program integrity, and compliance; and (2) merge policies related to Family PACT provider responsibilities into the provider enrollment section.​

These policy updates are effective August 15, 2022 and apply to both provider applicants and enrolled Family PACT providers.  The Family PACT Policies, Procedures and Billing Instructions manual will be updated to incorporate these policy updates and published at the end of August.

Final Draft Policy

DHCS Responses to Public Comments

​​Provider Application and Validation fo​​​r Enrollment Portal 

OFP is pleased to announce the release of the Provider Application and Validation for Enrollment (PAVE) portal for Family PACT providers.  The PAVE​​ portal is a web-based application designed to simplify and accelerate enrollment processes. PAVE will provide a new mode for submitting Family PACT provider enrollment applications and required documentation to DHCS, which will continue to accept Family PACT paper or emailed applications until December 31. With this expansion, active or newly enrolled Medi-Cal fee-for-service providers who are eligible to participate in the Family PACT program will be able to enroll, make changes, recertify, and voluntarily disenroll from the Family PACT program by submitting a supplemental application via the PAVE portal. 

For more information on the Family PACT program, visit the Family PACT website (Not DHCS).​

Open Data​​ ​Portal​

OFP is pleased to announce the release of data tables and visualizations for public use on the California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal. The data tables include information on provider and client populations, service utilization, client and provider enrollment data, client demographics, Family PACT provider profiles, and contraceptive use. You may view the data tables and visualizations here​ (search term Family PACT). OFP will continue to update the open data portal with new datasets and will announce the next release.

​OFP Contact Information

Phone: (916) 650-0414
Fax: (91​6) 440-5634
FamilyPACT@dhcs.ca.gov ​


Department of Health Care Services
Office of Family Planning
P.O. Box 997413, MS Code 8400​
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

On-line support and resources to Family PACT providers, other service providers, and clients can be accessed on the Family Pact website​​.

Family Planning Stakeholder Meetings

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