Office of Family Planning

The Office of Family Planning (OFP) is charged by the California Legislature “to make available to citizens of the State who are of childbearing age comprehensive medical knowledge, assistance, and services relating to the planning of families”.  The purpose of family planning is to provide women and men a means by which they decide for themselves the number, timing, and spacing of their children.

The OFP administers the Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment (Family PACT) program.  Family PACT is California’s innovative approach to provide comprehensive family planning services to eligible low income (under 200% federal poverty level) men and women.  Family PACT serves 1.6 million income eligible men and women of childbearing age through a network of 2,400 public and private providers.  Services include comprehensive education, assistance, and services relating to family planning.


Open Data Portal

The Office of Family Planning (OFP) is pleased to announce the release of three new data tables and visualizations for public use on the California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal. The data tables include information on the number of providers delivering Family PACT services, average reimbursement per Family PACT client, and the total reimbursement for Family PACT services. Characteristics of the providers delivering Family PACT services include the number of clinicians, pharmacies, and labs and the percent change in these providers compared to previous fiscal years.  You may view the new data tables and visualizations at (search term Family PACT). We will continue to update the open data portal with new datasets and will announce the next release.

For more information on the Family PACT program, visit the FamilyPACT website.

OFP Contact Information

Phone: (916) 650-0414 / Fax: (916) 650-0454 / Email:


Department of Health Care Services
Office of Family Planning
P.O. Box 997413, MS Code 8400
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

On-line support and resources to Family PACT providers, other service providers, and clients can be accessed on the FamilyPACT website.

Family Planning Stakeholder Meetings

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