​​​​​​​​Notices of Proposed Changes to Medi-Cal Program

Responses to questions about proposed State Plan Amendments and Waivers are developed at the time of submission; subsequent policy changes may impact these responses.  Please contact DHCS for updates.


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Public Health Emergency Proposals Related to COVID-19 

​Tribal/Designee NotificationsTitleRelease Date
Demonstration Amendment Under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act ​Request for Section 1115 Demonstration Authority Related to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency​04/13/20
SPA 20-0024 Medicaid Disaster Relief for the COVID-19 National Emergency ​04/17/20
SPA 20-0006 ​​Expansion of Medi-Cal Beneficiary Access to Substance Use Disorder Services 05/27/20

Quarter Ending December 31, 2020

Tribal/Designee NotificationsTitleRelease Date
SPA 20-0039​Pharmacy Changes​10/29/20
SPA 20-0044

​Establishment of Tribal FQHC Provider Type


Quarter Ending September 30, 2020

​Tribal/Designee NotificationsTitleRelease Date
​​​Medi-Cal 2020 Section 1115 Waiver & 1915(b) Specialty Mental Health Section Waiver 12-month extension request for the Medi-Cal 2020 Section 1115 waiver and 1915(b) specialty mental health services waiver ​07/22/20
SPAs 20-0035 and 20-0036

Home Health Services


Quarter Ending June 30, 2020

​Tribal/Designee NotificationsTitleRelease Date
1915(b) Waiver Amendment​Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS) Section 1915(b) Waiver Amendment​03/25/20

Quarter Ending March 31, 2020

​Tribal/Designee NotificationsTitleRelease Date
SPA 20-0007​Clarification of Services Eligible for the Time Limited Supplement Payment Program of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation​02/18/20
SPA 20-0009 Continuation of the Ground Emergency Medical Transport Program - Quality Assurance Fee ​02/18/20


Quarter Ending December 31, 2019

​Tribal/Designee Notifications​​TitleRelease Date
​​SPA 19-0049​SUPPORT Act DUR Requirements ​11/14/19


Quarter Ending September 30, 2019

​Tribal/Designee Notifications
​Title​Release Date
SPAs 19-0013 and 19-0037​Health Homes Program

SPA 1​9-0044
Time Limited Supplement Payment Program for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
SPA 19-0014​Expansion of Medi-Cal Beneficiary Access to Substance Use Disorder Services​8/26/19
SPA 19-0041
​Time-limited Supplemental Payment Program to Support Ongoing Developmental Screenings for Children​8/26/19
SPA 19-0046 and 19-0047​Restoration of Certain Optional Benefits for All populations in All Settings ​8/26/19
SPA 19-0048Time-limited Supplemental Payment Program to Support Trauma Screenings for Children and Adults ​8/26/19


Quarter Ending June 30, 2019

Tribal Designee Notifications

Release Date​
Ground Emergency Transport Program -Quality Assurance Fee
SPA 19-0017​Pharmacists Services for the New Adult Group​5/24/19


Quarter Ending March 31, 2019

Tribal/Designee Notifications
Release Date​
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs)
SPA 19-001 & 19-002​Changes to the Health Homes Program (HHP)​1/24/19
SPA 19-0004 & HCBS Waiver Amendment

​SPA and Waiver Amendment for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for Persons with Developmental Disabilities



Quarter Ending December 31, 2018

Tribal/Designee Notifications
Release Date​
Clarification on Payment Policies for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics
​SPA 18-0054​Community Crises Homes​11/5/18
SPA 18-0040 & 18-0041​Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)​11/20/18


Quarter Ending September 30, 2018

Tribal/Designee Notifications
Release Date​
Pharmacist Services
SPA 18-007​Supplemental Payments for Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) Services Program


Quarter Ending June 30, 2018

Tribal/Designee Notifications
Release Date​
Expedited Notice - Health Homes Program
​SPA 18-0019 & 18-0020​Health Homes Program​5/23/18
SPA 18-0025​Dental Rates and Periodontal Maintenance​5/25/18
SPA 18-0027​ABP Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation​5/25/18
​SPA 18-0032

Expedited Notice - FQHC/RHC Sponsored Graduate Medical Education Program



Quarter Ending March 31, 2018

​Tribal/Designee Notifications

Release Date​

SPA 18-002

​Proposed Changes to the Alternative Benefit Plan (ABP)


Clarifies Reimbursement Policies for Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and Rural Health Clinics (RHC), and Adds Marriage and Family Therapists as a New FQHC/RHC Billable Provider

SPA 18-004​GEMT QAF​2/23/18

Additional Information

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