​​​​2014 Approved State Plan Amendments (SPA)

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The following attachments are amendments to the California State Plan that were recently approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Stakeholders can update their copies by following the links and instructions attached to the documents.

NOTE: Links on this page are documents in Adobe Acrobat Document Format (PDF); unless indicated are smaller than 2MB. PDF documents require Adobe Reader. If you need to install or upgrade to the latest version see the "Download Free Readers" link at the bottom of the page.

14-001​ Supplemental Reimbursement For Hospital Inpatient Services

14-002​​ Supplemental Reimbursement for Hospital Outpatient Services
​14-0005 Children's Health insurance Program - CS 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 27 & 28 
​14-008Private Hospital Supplemental Fund Program (PHSF)
​14-009 Non-Designated Public Hospital Supplemental Fund Program​
​14-010 Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly
​14-012 Adding Licensed MFTs, Registered Interns, To List Of Providers, Psychology Services (PDF) (Approved 05/02/2014)​​
​14-013 Technical Amendment, Language Due to Section 2502, Pharmaceutical Agents (PDF) (Approved 05/30/2014)​​
14​-014 Year Two Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) Payment Parameters for General Acute Inpatient Services Provided by Hospitals (PDF) (Approved 6/19/2014)​
14-015 Presumptive Eligibility Prior to Electronic Health Information Transfer
14-017​ Reflects the effective date for the 2014 reimbursement rate for alternative birth centers​​​​
14-018​ Adds Adult Dental to ABP (Approved July 30, 2014)​
14-019​ ​Changing the interval of cost report data periods for the Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled​

​14-0021 Increases the eligibility level for full-scope Medicaid coverage for pregnant women from 60% of the FPL up to and including 109%

​​14-022​ Updates Geographic Area Offering Targeted Case Management
​​14-023​ Updates Geographic Area Offering Targeted Case Management
​​​14-024 Updates Geographic Area Offering Targeted Case Management​
​​14-026 Adds Behavioral Health Treatment (BHT)
14-027 ​State Methodology on Cost-Effectiveness of Individuals and Group Health Plans
14​-028 Revises the minimum threshold for determining whether recoveries are cost effective to pursue
​14-030 Increases the Estate Recovery (ER) threshold amount
​14-031 Provides supplemental payments to emergency medical air transportation providers for services rendered 14-032
14-032 Skilled Nursing Facility & Quality and Accountability Supplemental Payment (QASP) Program
14-033  - Amendment to Alternative Benefits Plan to add Behavioral Health Treatment (Template)
              - HCFA 179
14-034 Supplemental Drug Rebate Agreements

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